Design | Production and Control


We provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and collaborate with them to define the best technical solution for each project.

We use the most widespread design software in the market; AutoCad, Inventor, Catia, Solidworks ... to Design and Manufacture tools and machines for all types of parts:
- Casting and machining of aluminum.
- Casting and machining of steel.
- Metallic stamping.
- Plastics

Production and Control

We are specialists in the machining of high precision parts and we provide our customers with an integral service of machining with the highest standards of Quality and Service, from the purchase of material, roughing and heat treatment to the final grinding.
Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients, and for that reason we have advanced technology and machines of high precision, as well as means of verification and control of last generation managed by qualified professionals involved with the objective of meeting our clients needs.
Among others, we have the following productive means:
- 3 CNC lathes
- 3 CNC machining centers
- 4 universal grinders
- 3 horizontal grinders
- 2 jig grinders
- 1 assembly section
- 1 metrology room (air-conditioned to 20°C) with 3-coordinates CNC machine